Conditioning and taiso

Welcome to Jeff's conditioning pages! This contains information about taiso a form of conditioning used in jujutsu, a Japanese martial art that emphasizes grappling and throwing. It gives a great workout. A really brief summary in a nutshell is here

Introduction and general comments

   Rolling your own workout
   Scaling it up or down
   Cycling your workouts
   How to get hurt

The basic exercises
General exercise comments
   Bodyweight exercises
   Dumbell exercises
      Heavyweight exercises
      Middleweight exercises
      Lightweight exercises
      Random exercises
   Two partner exercises

Other articles of interest

Cardiovascular training
Hypertrophy - how to get bigger
Eating for Athletes

Some common combinations

What follows is totally geeky stuff, discussing why I decided to do it the way I have and giving some of the physiology of muscles as background. You don't need this, but is included for those that want to know.

The problem - what taiso does in the framework of training.
   Why not just lift weights?
   What we want to accomplish

General muscle physiology facts
   Muscle types
   Hypertrophy or how muscles get bigger.
   Training muscles for size and strength
   Sequence of firing for muscles

Caveats. This site is for reference for my students, for me to finally organize my thoughts and for the curious. I am not a trainer, I am an athlete who has come up with a pretty useful training plan for myself and my students. In the spirit of being completely forthright and clear, I will just give the translation of the standard legal disclaimer: Anything you use from this site is at your own risk, it serves absolutely no purpose of any sort, is strictly informational and you are a dummy for listening to me.

I'd also like to thank two of my training buddies who demonstrate several of these. Nathan Ali and Alexander D'Erizans. Good job dudes, and thanks!