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Torso stretch series.

Description:A sequence of stretches for the torso.

How to do it:

The cat stretch:Starting on your stomach, straighten your arms and just let your body hang. This stretches the abdominals and lower back. Thorax stretch: Rise onto the balls of your feet (this is so you can stretch your feet too), place your hands together in front of you and rock back on your heels, trying to press your chest into the floor. This stretches the area just under the shoulder blades. You can even do this one standing against a wall, if you've been stuck too long at a computer. Hamstring stretch: From the position of the thorax stretch, straighten your legs and walk back towards them as for as you can on your hands. The last two pictures show this walking. As much as possible, keep your feet flat on the ground at all times. To exit this position, step forward with on foot, drop to the opposite knee – which sets you up for the next series.