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The hip series.

Description:A series of exercises specifically for the hips.

How to do it:

modified cheerleader splits: On one knee, slide the lead foot as far forward as you can, then lean into it, trying to rotate your navel to the ceiling.

Knee-ankle stretch:This is a great stretch. Rotate your supporting leg, say your right leg under you so that it points to your right. Note from the center picture that the top of the foor is flat on the floor. Now extend the left leg out, heel on the floor with toes up. Now, sit straight down on your supporting leg (right, here) and pull back on your toes. This stretchs the thigh, top of the ankle and hamstring all in one go.

Gluteus medius stretch: From the preceeding position, slide you upright leg, say it's your left so that the foot is directly in front of the supporting (right, here) knee. Drop the leg to the ground so that it is at 90 degrees while the supporting leg (naturally) swings to being straight behind you. Slide your supporting leg straight back. You wll feel this in the outer aspect of your left leg. The final picture in the set gives a shot of the with me doing it on the right side. Again, this is for folks who are using this site as a refernce for how to stretch after a hip resurfacing just to show off that I can do this.

Note: This last stretch in the series is for the gluteus medius, which is the muscle in your butt that allows you to move you leg away from your center 45 degree line to the rear. If this is weak, you will not be able to complete a step without limping and many people who have suffered some limb injury (such as breaking an ankle), find that they limp after recovery. It is often due to atrophy/ennervation of this muscle.