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The double leg series.

Description: This series stretches both legs at once.

How to do it:

The butterfly stretch: Sit up and put your feet together. Pull your feet as close to your butt as possible, grab your ankles and using your elbows on your knees, press them to the floor. The plough: Roll over the top, grab your toes and trie to extend your legs, touching your toes to the ground. Note: Do not roll up onto your neck to do this. If you have trouble then you should think about laying your knees on your chest, in a sort of abdominal crunch.

Knee hugger: Next, just hug your knees as tightly as you can. If you ate too much beforehand, you won't be able to breath, by the way... If you want to, and it does not bother you, you may roll up a littler further and give yourself a neck stretch. This is optional as not everyone finds this comfortable. If it bothers you at all, just omit it.